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Testimonials about Doris Jeanette

"You hit a home run! Just what I wanted and more." Jack Glaser, Flashback Photo stores (video clip from this speech.)


You are a wonderful presenter! So many things you said really hit home. The story about your mother made me rethink my whole relationship with my children. We all left with much to think about. Jen Quinn, Holistic Moms


"Thanks for being on the show. You were a great guest. Keep up the love." Gloria C. Horsley, Ph.D. Host of "Healing the Grieving Heart."


Thanks for a wonderful interview. You are fantastic. I enjoyed speaking with you and I can see you are “all heart”! Annie Jennings, PR


"Great interview, you ask all the right questions." Dr. Charles Tart


"Your voice is a pleasure to listen to and you say things, which really do hit home. Gillian in Austria


Listen to Dr. J get down and real with teens all around the USA on Dr. Beth's radio show.


Your Hurting tape is excellent. It is like you are talking right to me and know what's in my mind. Thank you so much." Patty Smith


"Excellent speech! Good job! Well organized and beautifully presented. Ani Colt


"That was awesome! Thank you, Dr. Jeanette! G. H. in DC.


"The participants in your presentation all indicated that they were extremely satisfied. Below are some of their comments:

'It was a very open and accepting atmosphere.'

'More! More!'

'The workshop built a great energy.'

'I liked the interaction the best.'

'I feel great!'

Thanks again for speaking to us at the Mazzoni Center."

Elizabeth Byrne MA


“Enjoyed your bubbly energy, you must be a dynamic therapist. Hope you come to New Hampshire next month.” RK


" I was very appreciative of your lectures on the cruise.(Grandeur Of The Seas) They were very helpful and fun. Even on the last day I could not participate due to my back injury but I learned a lot, and became a better person, as did my cousin. Life can be really enjoyable." Thanks again, K. Dutson from Utah


"Doris Jeanette has dared to live at her edges, fall off the map of her known world, and come back with the means to tame monsters." Jean Houston, Ph.D., pioneer in human potential movement, Hilary Clinton's former coach
Celebrity Expert, Emotional Health Expert, Anxiety Expert, Love Relationship Expert, Sexual Health Expert

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