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Photos of Doris Jeanette:

Doris Jeanette continues the efficient practice of carrying heavy objects on top of the head, which women started centuries ago.

This bag is full of groceries from reading terminal, center city, Philadelphia, which is 19 blocks from her house.

This is the cover of Dr. Jeanette's e book and audio "Opening the Heart."

Scientists have been studying the aerodynamics of carrying large objects so easily on top of the head. The secret has yet to be discovered.

Dr. Jeanette says, "The secret is to relax your body which allows the bag on top of your head to automatically connect to the field of gravity. Since there is no resistance between the bag and the earth--- viola, bags are held in balance."


Doris learned to surf at 53, catching some nice waves into shore.


This is Doris getting a hug from her younger, taller sister.


...wearing her new cowgirl hat from Durango.


self portrait, 2006, fall trip to maine coast.


This is what doris jeanette would look like if she was a tulip.


Below is a collage by doris jeanette used on her first web site.

Meet Doris Jeanette... At two she walked away from the farm house searching for playmates, now she sprinkles love across the land like a nature fairy.

The Philadelphia Inquirer proclaimed Doris Jeanette "The Siren of Spontaneity," noting "her co- therapist is Nature."

This innovative pioneer's professional credentials are rock solid and her peak experiences have taken her into new, uncharted emotional territory. A licensed psychologist with 30 years of clinical experience, she has been associated with top name universities, multicultural associations, women's groups and humanistic psychology. Her work and quotes have appeared in psychological journals, major newspapers, online publications and various magazines throughout the world. Doris currently resides in center city, Philadelphia, PA. (EST)

Thanks for a wonderful interview. You are fantastic. I enjoyed speaking with you and I can see you are “all heart”! Annie Jennings, PR

"Thanks for being on the show. You were a great guest. Keep up the love." Gloria C. Horsley, Ph.D. Host of "Healing the Grieving Heart."

Listen to Doris Jeanette host her own radio show "Live at the Edge" at newvoices.com

"Doris Jeanette has dared to live at her edges, fall off the map of her known world, and come back with the means to tame monsters." Jean Houston, Ph.D., pioneer in human potential movement, Hilary Clinton's former coach
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